Since everything outside the Top Marques Monaco show was either being impounded or fined by the police, we figured it would be better to pay more attention to the actual show itself! That was not a bad decision either. We were allowed to test Wave Italy’s newest F1 racing set-up, where you were put in a F1-replica chassis with some very realistic features. The steering wheel for example looked much like an actual F1 steering wheel, albeit that some switches and bibs and bobs were left out. The seatbelts consisted of a five-point harness, which were automatically tightened to recreate the level of g-force you’d be subjected to in a real car. Also, an additional cushion-like system was pushing you in the back in case of breaking, to make it seem even more real. To top things off, the chassis itself was moving depending on how wide you’d go into corners. The only thing that was fairly hard was estimating how fast you were going despite all of the aforementioned features, and I got the feeling that the blue/red lines were not as accurate as they could have been. All in all, it was a very impressive and cool experience!

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